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Apple to launch iAd in UK next month

New mobile advertising platform to offer advertising inside mobile apps.

Apple is launching its mobile advertising platform iAd in the UK, France and other European countries next month, the US consumer electronics maker announced in a company press release on Thursday.

It will be available in Germany in January, the company added.

The iPad maker's advertising service, which offers advertising inside mobile apps on devices including the iPhone, will launch in Europe with commercials from consumer brands such as Unilever, L'Oréal, Renault and Louis Vuitton.

In just four months, Apple has doubled the number of advertisers on the mobile advertising platform, said Andy Miller, vice-president of iAd.

iAd has signed on over half of the top 25 leading US national advertisers in just four months, with a projected 21 per cent share of US mobile display advertising revenue for 2010 according to research firm IDC, Apple quoted in the press release.

L'Oréal's head of strategic marketing Marc Menesguen said the cosmetic brand is thrilled by the "quality, interactivity and the depth of iAd's user experience".