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China's internet censorship will eventually fail, say Google CEO

Schmidt says that ultimately the people will win over the government

China's control over its internet users may diminish as more of its people get online through mobile phones and other devices, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt said last week.

"Ultimately, the people will win over the government. The yearning is so strong," he said during the CEO Speaker Series hosted by the US-based Council on Foreign Relations at New York.

"If you think about the scale, they've got a billion phones that are trying to express themselves. It will be difficult in my view to completely keep up with that," he added.

It's always better for Google to operate on behalf of the citizens in a country, rather than 'Google versus the government, Schmidt said. "We don't want to be seen as threatening the supremacy of government," Schmidt said. "It's just a bad deal."

In March this year, China banned all searches via all Google search sites including Google Mobile in Mainland China.

In June, Google ended the automatic redirect of Google China to Google Hong Kong to place a link to Google Hong Kong to avoid getting its Internet Content Provider (ICP) licence revoked.