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Online e-magazine shop to cater only to Android devices, not iPad

Android: "a very important tablet platform"

Next Issue Media, an online publishing platform that delivers paid content to consumers via digital devices, is launching an online e-magazine shop which only works on Android devices, chief executive Morgan Guenther told AllThingsDigital on Thursday.

The digital storefront will open early next year.

The chief executive said that it's not a technical issue, because the platform is ready to support Apple, but that "Android is a very important tablet platform, and a very important platform for smartphones".

Media reports speculated that Next Issue Media has shied away from Apple's iPad because it wants to sell its tablet magazines directly to consumers or at least to be able to access the data that Apple iTunes collects when it sells them.

With Apple, publishers have no idea about who its readers are and how to reach them because the iPad maker keeps all the data, as well as 30 per cent of every dollar.

Guenther and his publishers are reportedly hoping that when sales of their magazines take off on Android devices, it will give them some leverage in discussions with Apple.