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Pentagon asks media not to publish WikiLeaks documents

US Dept of Defence attempts to minimise potential damage from classified documents.

The US Department of Defence spokesman colonel David Lapan on Monday urged the US media houses to refrain from publishing classified documents leaked by WikiLeaks

In July, the whistleblower site released 70,000 US documents on the Afghanistan war and has warned that it will soon post about 500,000 leaked classified US documents from the Iraq war on its website.

"The concern is that WikiLeaks as an organisation should not be made more credible by having credible news organisations facilitate what they're doing," the Pentagon spokesman told media houses.

A 120-member Pentagon team has already reviewed the set of documents that it believes the WikiLeaks is preparing to publish, Lapan said.

With the early review, the Pentagon hopes to minimise the damage the leaks might cause, Lapan said.

The team is also prepared to act swiftly once the documents are published to verify whether they are the same and to assess the damage they might cause, he added.

WikiLeaks on Monday responded to Pentagon saying: "Rather than apologising for misleading the press, the Pentagon tries bully it into not reporting".