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Nearly three-quarters of parents monitor teen's social network accounts

72% US parents surveyed monitor teens' social network accounts.

About 72 per cent of parents surveyed in the US monitor their teens' social network accounts, with 50 per cent of them monitoring weekly, 35 per cent daily and 10 per cent monthly.

The survey conducted by Lightspeed Research for online privacy seal company TrustE said that teenagers are not online exhibitionists who don't care about online privacy any more. A majority of them actually use privacy controls on social networks.

About 80 per cent of parents and 78 per cent of teenagers feel in control of their personal information on social networking sites, the survey about the privacy habits of parents and their teens on social networks titled 'The Kids are Alright,' added.

Among the key findings are that 84 per cent of parents are confident their teen is responsible with personal information on a social networking site.

Nearly 80 per cent of teens use privacy settings at some point to hide content from certain friends and/or parents and 68 per cent of teens surveyed have at some time accepted friend invites from people they don't know, the survey added.