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UK security services to snoop on all online activity soon

Officials insist on importance for fight against terrorism while civil liberties groups decry "snoop

Details of every internet click, e-mail and telephone call will now be monitored by the police and security services in the UK under the 'Big Brother' plans, sources said on Thursday.

The security officials will reportedly be able to find out the websites a person had visited, and when, where and to whom a text or call was made.

The Labour government proposed similar plans last December and shelved it, but the Home Office is now reportedly ready to pursue it, media reports said, quoting reliable sources.

The officials insist that monitoring communications data is important in the fight against terrorism.

Civil liberties groups, however, have termed it a "snooper's charter" which will allow the state to spy on millions of innocent citizens.

The officials have also persuaded ministers to give them more rights to access the public communication systems.

Firm plans will be published later this year on how the personal information - which does not include the contents of emails or text messages - should be stored.

Internet and telecom companies may be asked to store the details themselves, sources added.