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Economist Group launches online ad network with 30 publishers

"Ideas People" network targeted at the intellectually curious

The Economist Group on Wednesday launched a new online ad network comprising 30 publishers whom readers rated as their preferred sources for news and information.

The "Ideas People" network has reportedly been designed to help advertisers reach an audience that the US publisher says are "individuals who are intellectually curious, opinionated, influential and passionate about business, globalisation (politics, policy and current events), innovation (science and technology) and culture."

The network comprises and about 30 specialised websites such as the Christian Science Monitor and The Nation whose content spans politics, culture and ideas.

The channel would launch with 11 million monthly unique visitors in the US, with a goal of reaching 21 million globally.

Paul Rossi, managing director and executive vice-president, Americas, said the ad network's audience is defined not by demographic traits such as age, income or education, but by their mindset.

"I wouldn't use this network to sell cheap tickets to London, but in building a brand, introducing a new product, introducing people to a new idea, this is an efficient way of doing it," he added.