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Three US cable channels block shows on Google TV

Move reportedly due to ongoing dispute with companies over compensation for broadcasting losses.

US cable networks ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking TV shows on their websites from being viewed on Google TV, spokespersons of the networks confirmed on Thursday.

The move by the cable networks is reportedly the result of an ongoing dispute between Google and some media companies, which are apprehensive if Google TV can compensate for the losses they incur in broadcast business.

While some TV companies are concerned that their shows would be lost on the internet, others such as Disney and NBC are worried about pirated content being displayed in Google TV search.

Google TV, however, has tried to assure broadcasters and content owners such as Disney that its search feature promotes their TV broadcasts and own websites' video content rather than pirated content, sources close to the matter said.

The search engine has also told broadcasters and content owners they can submit requests to Google to delete unauthorised results from the Google TV search feature.