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Google to legally block 'rogue online pharmacies'

Rogue pharmacies will be blocked on the basis that they breached their contract with Google.

Google on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit seeking to block "rogue online pharmacies" from advertising on its search engine and websites.

The search company alleged that one individual and fifty unnamed defendants "violated policies and circumvented technological measures" by using its AdWords service.

AdWords is the search company's paid online-ad service that places advertisements beside relevant search results.

The defendants promoted pharmacies and prescription-drug operations which are not verified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, and in doing so, breached a contract with the company, Google alleged.

"Rogue pharmacies are bad for our users, for legitimate online pharmacies and for the entire e-commerce industry -- so we are going to keep investing time and money to stop these kinds of harmful practices," Google's lawyer Michael Zwibelman wrote in a company post.