Yahoo and Hulu to let users choose online video ads

Ad-selecting tool to replace pre-roll clip when watching videos online

Major websites such as and plan to let users select video ads they prefer to watch, in a bid to make online advertising less bothersome for consumers and more profitable for advertisers, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

The ad-selecting tool, ASq, will let consumers choose from three or more ads instead of imposing a pre-roll clip in videos they view on the CBS, AOL, Discovery, MSNBC, Yahoo and Hulu websites, starting next month.

The move towards user-selected ads could help websites set higher ad-rates while letting marketers improve consumer targeting, says the report. The tool could boost development of the $3.1bn global video ads market, which is the online ad industry's fastest-growing segment.

Popular video site YouTube, with more than a billion views a day, is reported to be studying the use of the tool.