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Teacher loses job for posting rude comments on Facebook

Changes to Facebook's privacy settings meant that the teacher did not realise her comments were publ

A teacher in Massachusetts lost her job after she called students and their parents "germ bags" on her Facebook page.

June Talvitie-Siple also stated that she caught new illnesses from them and that her students' parents were arrogant and snobby.

Parents who saw the posts on the social networking site complained to the school management, after which the teacher was asked to resign.

Talvitie-Siple said she believed her posts were viewable only by her contacts, but didn't realise that the site recently changed most of its default privacy settings to share everything with everyone.

The teacher said she took full responsibility for her stupidity and hoped the incident serves as an example to kids that they need to be vigilant about their privacy.

Earlier this year, a sociology professor in Pennsylvania was reported suspended after she updated her Facebook status with complaints about work.