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Spain confronts Google over privacy violations in 'Street View'

Google finds itself in hot water over data collected during the 'Street View' mapping project.

Spain has sought an explanation from Google over the alleged privacy violations the search company made during the mapping for its "Street View" feature.

"Street View", launched in more than 30 countries across the world, provides web users with street-level views of public buildings and private residences.

A Madrid judge has ordered a Google representative to appear in court on 4 October when it will investigate whether the search company committed a computer crime while taking snap-shots of the city streets in Spain.

In May, the search company admitted that the technology used by its Street View cars had mistakenly recorded fragments of people's online activities broadcast over wireless networks for the past four years.

Google said it had collected the information from non-secured Wi-Fi networks across the globe. The company, however, maintains that it has never used the data nor broken any laws.