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WikiLeaks launches new page to counter blocked Thai main site

In response to political unrest in Bangkok earlier this year the government has taken steps to contr

WikiLeaks has launched ThaiLeaks, a web page of downloadable 'magnet links' to Thailand news items, after the Thai authorities blocked the main site in the country.

The Thailand government has used emergency powers, granted in a 2005 decree, to block WikLeaks on "security grounds", the Bangkok Post reported on Wednesday.

A spokesperson of the country's Information and Communication Technology Ministry said the order was issued by the government unit currently overseeing the response to political unrest that shook Bangkok earlier this year.

WikiLeaks announced the launch of the Thai page on Thursday on microblogging site Twitter. Even if the new page is blocked, citizens will still be able to access information through e-mails, instant messages, and even printed on paper, the site said.

The whistleblower site made international headlines in recent weeks after it released thousands of highly sensitive military documents about the war in Afghanistan.