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Google tests new 'streaming' search feature

Some users are discovering that their search is beginning the moment they start typing into google.

Google is reportedly testing a search results feature that changes as each letter is typed into its search query bar.

The feature is a "streaming" search results page that seems to use Google Suggest technology to change the entire page based on the changing nature of one's query.

Google updates the results as one types out the word, said Rob Ousbey, a Search Engine Optimisation consultant.

For instance, when a user types the letter "s", the results suggest links to the Seattle Times. When the query turns into 'stra", it suggests the alternative Seattle newspaper The Stranger. As the word becomes "straw", the results provide links to recipes for strawberry pie.

"You do not even need to hit the 'search' button anymore," added Ousbey, who came across Google's new streaming search feature on Monday.

Although Google did not comment about the new search feature, a representative told Techcrunch that at any given time, the search company is running between 50-200 search experiments.