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Cameron Diaz is 'most dangerous' celeb search name online

Internet uses searching for certain celebrities are far more likely to get their computers infected

Hollywood actresses Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Jessica Biel are the most dangerous celebrities to search for on the internet, according to McAfee's fourth annual Most Dangerous Celebrities report released on Thursday.

More than one in ten internet searches about Diaz, 37, has led to risky websites, which trick visitors into downloading viruses that can target their private details such as passwords.

About one-fifth of the results from searching the term "Cameron Diaz screensavers" contained such malicious codes.

"Cyber criminals often use the names of popular celebrities to lure people to sites that are actually laden with malicious software," said Dave Marcus, security researcher at the antivirus and software security company McAfee Labs.

McAfee conducted its tests in July using the company's technology for identifying malicious software in websites.