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Catholic church launches iMass app

A parish run by a traditionalist Catholic group embraces digital technology and launches an iPhone a

The Catholic church may be doctrinally conservative, but individual parishes and groups are starting to seek out ways of using new technology to get their message out.

The latest innovation is the iMass app, launched by the Christ the King Catholic Church in Sarasota, Florida -- a Catholic parish run by the traditionalist group the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP).

The app allows the user to watch a Mass celebrated every day, or as the blurb puts it:

Whether you are at the park, on a bus, at a coffee shop or in the comfort of your home, you can view Holy Mass and unite your prayers to it.

The app also includes the option to make a donation to the parish (see below) and the text of the service being used that day. The blurb also suggests that the app is a useful companion when attending a service, presumably as a replacement to a prayer book or service sheet.

Certainly a new departure for a Catholic congregation to worship with iPhones or iPads in hand rather than than to have such devices banished and turned off for fear of distrupting the service.

Caroline Crampton is assistant editor of the New Statesman. She writes a weekly podcast column.