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Queen's age is most common query on Ask Jeeves

People turn to search engines to find out the age of their favourite celebrities.

The Queen's age is the most commonly asked question on search engine Ask Jeeves, the Telegraph reported on Monday.

Also, one in three questions that the search engine receives is related to the age of celebrities.

"There was a time when you would never dare ask a lady her age. Now people ask the internet instead," Nadia Kelly, a spokeswoman for Ask Jeeves, said.

The second most popular age-related question on the search engine is "How old am I?" Most people test the accuracy of search engines with information they are certain of.

At number three on the list is Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old teenage pop singer, while the question "How old is my house?" was the fourth most popular on the list.

Despite the popularity of cosmetic surgery among celebrities trying to stay young, it seems their age is one thing they can no longer disguise, Kelly added.