TV ads more effective than online

TV ads were overwhelmingly preferred to online adverts, with respondents saying the most noteworthy

Television ads have a greater impact and are more memorable than online ads, according to a research report released by online analysis firm YouGov on Tuesday.

The survey of 4,199 adults in the UK conducted by YouGov for consultancy firm Deloitte also showed that TV advertising was rated the highest among 18-34 year olds, with 63 per cent of them citing television as their preferred format for ads.

About 52 per cent -- that is, more than half of those surveyed -- said the most noteworthy ad campaigns during 2010 were on TV.

Only 2 per cent preferred online video ads, 1 per cent online banner ads and 1 per cent iPhone and iPad ads. About 10 per cent of the respondents rated newspaper ad campaigns as the most memorable ones.

Around 36 per cent said they were likely to watch a 30-second TV ad, while only 3 per cent of respondents said they would pay attention to an online pre-roll ad.