Japan sees no problem with Yahoo Japan-Google tie-up

Fair Trade Commission of Japan sees no monopoly threat and gives the ok to web giants' alliance

Japan's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) on Wednesday said it did not see any monopoly problem with the search alliance between Yahoo Japan and Google in the country, Kyodo News reported.

The tie-up will not immediately run against the anti-monopoly law, Takahide Matsuyama, secretary-general of the FTC, told local reporters.

Yahoo Japan consulted with the anti-trust regulatory body ahead of its Tuesday announcement that it had signed a deal with Google to provide search and related advertising services, he informed.

The FTC added that it will continue to monitor how the actual partnership develops to ensure that Yahoo Japan and Google stick to the original conditions.

Under the terms of the deal, Yahoo Japan will provide Google with data on online shopping or auction trends, excluding personal information.

Microsoft had argued that Yahoo Japan's decision to replace Microsoft's Bing service with Google as its main search partner was anticompetitive.