Gannett and Yahoo partner to sell local online ads

Publisher to promote Yahoo ads across papers and TV.

US publisher Gannett is partnering with Yahoo to sell local online ads.

Gannett said that all of its newspapers and seven of its 23 TV stations will help sell Yahoo's ad inventory in their local markets.

The companies did not reveal the financial terms of the deal, although they have announced that they will share the revenue.

Yahoo has already put together a consortium of about 800 newspapers to sell online ad space to local businesses.

The search company said the deal with Gannett is different from the newspaper consortium as it includes Gannett's TV stations as well.

Other US publishers, including Media General and Freedom Communications, have also signed separate deals to include broadcast sites, Yahoo vice-president Lem Lloyd said.

Industry analysts believe this deal would help Gannett improve its revenues from online operations, as the sale of newspapers continues to fall.