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Expect more submissions from whistleblowers, says Wikileaks founder

Site is still going through a mass of secret material, says Assange.

Wikileaks is working through a backlog of secret material and was expecting many more submissions from whistleblowers, founder Julian Assange told a press gathering in London on Monday.

The website - known for publishing anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive documents from governments and other organisations - published more than 92,000 classified military logs relating to the war in Afghanistan.

Assange said that Wikileaks held several million files that concern every country in the world with a population over one million. A majority of this material was threat reports that included more than 50 embassy cables.

The amount of leaked sensitive information being uploaded to the website is enormous, due to which the site has been more or less inactive since December, he added.

Assange has promised to keep publishing as soon as he fixes up the site after tackling the data flooding the site.