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Russian court bans YouTube for hosting extremist content

Service provider ordered to block site after posting of racist videos.

A regional court in Russia has banned YouTube after it carried a video containing extremist content.

The video sharing site had hosted "Russia For Russians", an ultra-nationalist video which was in the justice ministry's list of banned extremist materials.

The court in Khabarovsk region in Russia ordered Rosnet, a local internet provider, to block YouTube as well as three online libraries and a website that archives deleted web pages.

The sites --,, and -- were blocked for carrying copies of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf", also considered extremist by the ministry.

Google Russia said the ruling violated Russian citizens' constitutional right to freedom of information.

Spokeswoman Alla Zabrovskaya said: "The court ruling restricts access not to separate videos, but to the whole website. Therefore, it deprives users of free access to information. It is worthy of note that YouTube contains a lot of information including the channel of the Russian president."

Countries that have banned YouTube for other reasons include China, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran.