UK consumers less willing to pay for online content, says study

'Bad news' for newspaper paywalls as survey finds 81 per cent of Britons would avoid online payments

The UK's internet users are less willing to pay for online content than those in other countries, says a report by advisory firm KPMG.

KPMG's annual Consumers & Convergence global survey found that 81 per cent of UK web users would go elsewhere, if a frequently used free site began charging for content.

But globally, 43 per cent of consumers are willing to pay, with as much as 59 per cent of consumers in the Asia-Pacific region willing to do so.

Despite this, nearly three quarters of UK consumers are prepared to receive online advertising in exchange for lower content costs, while 48 per cent are willing to have their profiles on social networks to be tracked online, if that would cut the cost of access to content.

KPMG described the results as "bad news for newspaper pay walls". The Times newspaper websites have seen as much as a two-third fall in user traffic due to their recently introduced paywall scheme.

However, UK consumers showed more willingness to pay for games (50 per cent), music (44 per cent) and videos (35 per cent), according to KPMG.