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2.5 million Muslims threaten to leave Facebook

Muslim users of the social networking site sign letter after removal of Islamic pages.

Over 2.5 million Muslims have threatened to quit Facebook if the website did not reinstate four of the largest Islamic Facebook pages by Wednesday midnight.

The social networking site had deleted the and pages. In a letter going around the site, a group of Muslims said that removing these pages, which had millions of Muslims as fans, amounted to "irresponsible behaviour".

The group also added that it would be forced to leave the social networking site for, a Facebook replica for Muslims, if the site did not act swiftly to restore the pages.

The group's other demands included adding a Facebook Term that illegalises disrespecting Islamic religious symbols and disabling any Facebook Page, group or event that shows direct or indirect disrespect towards these.

The networking site said that the "I love Mohammed" and "Quran Lovers" pages were removed as users were spamming those pages and not because of the content.

A Facebook spokesperson said the site does not allow spam pages as they are against the site's rules.