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UK's top ten websites witness drop in users

Google's websites, including YouTube, made up four of the top ten.

Seven of UK's top ten websites have seen a drop in users, according to the UK Online Measurement (UKOM) Data Report for May 2010, MediaTel reported on Tuesday.

Google's websites, including YouTube, once again took four places in the top ten, with the Google brand retaining its top position despite losing 1.4 million users, or about four per cent of its actual audience.

The top ten UK news websites were led by BBC News, which witnessed a jump in traffic as nearly 1.5 million extra users logged on in May. The BBC brand also saw the biggest rise in the top ten, up 3.5 per cent.

Google Search stood at the top of the search engine category, but shed almost one million users over the month, while YouTube came first in the video-on-demand rankings for a second time.

Popular social networking sites such as Friends Reunited and Bebo also saw a drop in traffic.

Friends Reunited shed 22 per cent of its users during May, the biggest loss in the top ten. Bebo lost 293,000 users, but remained the ninth most popular networking site.