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Twitter hiring government liaison in Washington

It will be the first Twitter employee outside San Francisco.

The micro-blogging site Twitter is hiring a government liaison in Washington DC - its first ever employee outside San Francisco - to act as the "closest point of contact with a variety of important people and organizations looking to get the most out of Twitter on both strategic and highly tactical levels."

A job post on the Twitter website tells those interested in the position: "You'll help Twitter understand what we can do to better serve candidates and policymakers across party and geographical lines. You'll support policymakers use of Twitter to help them communicate and interact with their constituents and the world. You'll work with nearly every group at the company and at every level to pursue your vision for how Twitter ought to be. You'll help set the culture and approach of a fledgling public policy department and be an important part of our very small company."

It seems the Twitter staffer is being appointed to help politicians and government officials make effective use of the website in their daily activities, as well as campaigning and communicating with people. The officer would most likely also be used to establish stronger relations with the White House and Capitol Hill and bat for Twitter's policy interests.