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Palin thankful to social media sites for countering 'lamestream' media

The former Republican vice-presidential candidate complained that NBC failed to broadcast statements

Sarah Palin, writing on her Facebook page on Wednesday, said she was thankful "for social networking sites which allow people to counter the 'lamestream' media and present the facts".

Writing about the untrustworthiness of America's mainstream media, Palin said that NBC News failed to broadcast written statements by her regarding author McGinniss who is writing a book about her.

The US news channel had promised to air Palin's version in words on screen when McGinniss' interview was aired on the NBC's Today Show.

She however could not contest the author's allegations that she "unleashed the hounds of hell and used the tactics of Nazi troopers" as the news channel did not honour the promise.

Palin also said that reporters must be held accountable for their work. A corrupt, deceptive and manipulative media can ruin the lives of good people, disrupt families, destroy reputations and ultimately hurt our country, she wrote in her page on the social networking site.