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Coca-Cola witnesses ‘phenomenal’ results with Twitter ads

The drinks company says its adverts received around 86 million views in 24 hours.

Coca-Cola saw "phenomenal" results with its paid advertisements on mircoblogging site Twitter for the first time, Carol Kruse, vice-president for global interactive marketing at Coca-Cola has told the Financial Times.

The US soft drinks company said the ads garnered about 86 million views in 24 hours. It also saw an "engagement rate" of six per cent, compared with the 0.02 per cent of people who click on a regular online advertisement.

Although Kruse did not reveal the budget spent on the campaign, she said it was less expensive when compared to other forms of online advertising.

Coca-Cola is the second company after Disney to buy a Promoted Trend ad on Twitter. A promoted trend is a sponsored space below the site's top ten most-discussed topics that links to a search results page.