Wikimedia counsel dismisses Fox allegations of pornography as "nonsense"

The US news channel claims Wikipedia is hosting pornographic images that bypass adult content filter

The allegations of Fox News that Wikipedia is hosting pornographic images have been dismissed as "nonsense" by Mike Godwin, general counsel of the Wikimedia Foundation which runs the online encyclopaedia.

Godwin said the company's staff spent more time last week designing the new interface of Wikipedia than they did over fighting Fox News' attacks.

Wikimedia Foundation communications director Jay Walsh in an official blog post clarified that the controversy did not affect the official status of Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales or his editorial position with Wikimedia.

Last month, the US news channel had claimed that Wikipedia contains pornographic images that bypass adult content filters, thus giving student surfers in schools free access to them.

It was later reported that the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales had personally deleted some of the offensive images himself.

Fox, meanwhile, began to contact Wikipedia's donors such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to find out if they had knowledge about the pornographic images on the site.