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Google buys Plink

Visual search start-up is the search giant's first UK acquisition and part of its plan to purchase o

Only four months since the public launch of the UK visual search engine, Plink has been subsumed into the media giant to work on Google Googles. This tool analyses scanned photos from your mobile and provides internet results for a series of images from pictures to business cards.

Plink is the first UK company in the list of Google's recent acquisitions. Its CEO Eric Schmidt said last year that he foresaw the company's expansion in terms of "one-a-month acquisitions and these are largely in lieu of hiring", according to Reuters.

Bringing yet another application developer into the fold is a sign of Google's strategy to encourage development on its own platforms and to buy out those proving most successful or conducive to its aims. Last year, Plink won $100,000 as it was declared the best education/reference application on the Google Android development platform.

In a blog post at the Plink website, founders and Oxford PhD graduates Mark Cummins and James Philbin said: "We're looking forward to helping the Goggles team build a visual search engine that works not just for paintings or book covers, but for everything you see around you.

"There are beautiful things to be done with computer vision - it's going to be a lot of fun!