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Facebook launches community pages

Social networking site launches pages which group members based on their interests.

The community pages are similar to the existing Facebook pages used by celebrities and organisations, but based around broader topics such as cooking, films and towns. The social networking site has also replaced the "Become a fan" button with a "Like" button for members who want to connect to Facebook pages and community pages.

Advertising brands and agencies have shown interest in this feature, saying it enables them to reach a wider audience. Paid-for ads will appear on the community pages but brands will not be able to choose to be there specifically, tallying with the site's policy of only allowing advertisers to target Facebook users by their interests rather than focus on specific areas of the site. A spokeswoman for Facebook was quoted as saying that the community pages connect users not just to other users on the site but also to objects, ideas, songs, articles and companies, thus giving advertiser a clear picture of whom to target.