AOL launches self-service online advertisement platform

Ad desk will help marketers create their own ads.

AOL has unveiled the pre-release version of Ad Desk, its new display self-service ad platform. It features media planning and analytical tools that enable advertisers to launch their ads online without having to talk to an AOL advertising executive.

Typically, self-service ads help advertisers create their own ad using online tools, upload the creative, schedule where and when the ad should run, and set the amount they want to spend. According to AOL, Ad Desk will allow marketers to change their campaigns based on their needs and on their own terms with access to the same analytics tools and insights that the biggest advertisers of the ad platform already enjoy.

Jeff Levick, the executive vice-president of AOL Advertising, said the new platform provides access to AOL information that was not available before. Currently, Ad Desk targets mid-size advertising agencies and advertisers.