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Pentagon gives social media access to troops

The Pentagon has announced that it will allow its troops unrestricted access to internet and social

Access to sites indulging in pornography, hate-crimes or gambling, however, is prohibited, he said. Earlier, the US Military had blocked ten social media sites after orders from the Pentagon. The sites were blocked to protect military computers and the usage of bandwidth in the military zone.

Soldiers, sailors and airmen on the field are expected to avoid online activities that compromise military actions.

In a news release, the Department of Defense said that commanders and heads of DoD components will continue to fight malicious activity on military information networks; block prohibited sites (such as gambling, pornography, hate-crime related activities); and temporarily restrict access to the internet to preserve security and address bandwidth limitations.

The Pentagon said it recognises that social networks are useful for interaction both within the department, and between the agency and the general public. It said it is also satisfied with the balance it has struck between network security and use of internet tools.