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Times paywall could start in May

The Times has told media buyers that it cannot guarantee advertisers about its website audiences in

The paper has not disclosed how many ad campaigns will be on the website at that time, which suggest the paywall may go into effect.

News International has declined to comment.

"I think they going to introduce it - from what I have been told it's likely to be around May or June," said Rob Lynam, head of press trading at planning and buying agency Mediaedge:cia, told the Guardian.

The company has made it clear that a paywall is in the near future, but a specific date has not been disclosed. News International emphasized their commitment to the quality and uniqueness of their audience, rather than its size.

The Times may adopt a policy that gives preference to customers who already subscribe to News International papers, but the details are unclear.

Since the beginning of the year, the New York Times has also announced it will introduce a paywall. It will be offering a "metered solution" starting sometime next year.