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China calls Google’s exit ‘totally wrong’

China accuses Google of violating promises over search filtering.

China has accused Google of violating promises it made when entering the Chinese market by not filtering its search result. China has termed the search engine company's move to shut down its Chinese operations as "totally wrong". An official at the internet bureau of the Chinese government said China opposed the politicisation of commercial issues.

The Hong Kong page of the search engine now reads: "Welcome to Google Search in China's new home." The site displayed search results in the simplified Chinese characters used in mainland China. While the search engine has shifted to Hong Kong,'s map service and a free, ad-driven music portal continue to remain in China.

The New York Times has reported that China Mobile, Google's business partner in China, plans to cancel a deal to feature Google Search on its home page. Telecom company China Unicom has also cancelled it business plans with Google.