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AOP census predicts strong 2010 growth

The Association of Online Publishers finds unanimous optimism amongst media owners, with half predic

Today's report from the association said all the media owners of the 1,500 publications covered in the survey were predicting positive growth, especially linked to 'display ads' and video.

Three quarters of respondents planned to increase digital investment, with almost half saying they would increase investment in training, and over half saying that their 2010 staff levels would exceed 2009.

Investment is to be led by 'mobile' and 'cross-media', according to the AOP surveys, and the data indicates that investment will be focused on online advertisments.

The announcement has been welcomed by Reuters, whose general manager of consumer media is quoted by the AOP as saying: "A return to growth will provide all our businesses with a renewed energy and focus on people skills, revenue generation and business models plus the opportunity for exciting innovation around mobile and video.

"The challenge will be how fast we can gear up to drive these initiatives forward."