China warns Google's Chinese partners over censorship

China's government has told companies using Google's services to fully comply with the country's cen

It has also told some of Google's biggest partners to be ready with backup plans in case the US search engine giant stops censoring search results on its Chinese-language search engine and pulls the plug on its operations in the country.

Google has been in negotiations with the Chinese authorities since January to end the censorship of its search results. Neither side is however willing to compromise its position, which has given rise to prospects of Google exiting China.

Google currently holds about 30 per cent of the Chinese search engine market share. Several Chinese websites display Google's search box for the benefit of their users.

The New York Times, citing some people with knowledge of the situation, said that Google is unlikely to stop censoring its results. Instead, it is more likely that it will shut down its Chinese search engine and try to reach Chinese customers through its US search engine.