BBC shuts down 15 websites as cost-cutting

The BBC is closing down online celebrity stock exchange games Celebdaq and Sportdaq, and the officia

As part of its cost-cutting exercise, the Corporation is also closing down programme sites with poor performances such as Spooks and Robin Hood. Even online adventure sites Jamie Kane, BBC Partners, Amia Freak and Open Weekend will be axed.

The Corporation is also closing down websites such as Amazing Mrs Pritchard, Street Doctor, Key Skills, Strictly Dance Fever, Film Festival andUnderdog Show which were suspended earlier.

BBC Online's budget will be slashed by 25 per cent by 2013. There will be fewer programme websites in contrast to what BBC Vision director, Jana Bennett said in 2008 about creating a web page for every episode of every TV show made by the Corporation.

The BBC said it will start a new management system that will weed out unnecessary websites and create new websites only if it is justified.