Telegraph website to focus on content and commerce

The Telegraph website is planning to concentrate on the 3Cs of content, commerce and clubs, instead

So far, TMG has focussed on increasing its digital business by increasing traffic to its website "The link between increase in traffic and increase in ad revenues broke in March 2008," Roussel said.

"In the garden shop channel of Telegraph, for example, we created and integrated an e-commerce product with Crocus, the plant supplier company. After reading our editorial content, readers can also buy the products they have read about, directly from the company," he said.

He says Google sets a good example in segregating search and paid-for advertising links. Telegraph, a subscriber of Google's advertising software Adsense, claims the company has tripled its Google-driven revenues in five months.

Roussel also plans to expand TMG's digital revenue through crossword and dating clubs with paying members.