Comcast launches online backup service

US Internet service provider Comcast has launched Secure Backup & Share, its online backup service f

Online backup provider Mozy is providing the service. Comcast will offer 2GB of online storage for free with the launch of the Secure Backup & Share service to all its existing customers.

Those who want to use more storage space can opt for a few different plans, including a 50GB storage plan for $4.99 monthly or $49.99 annually, and a 200GB storage plan for $9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually.

This price is the same as that offered by other online backup providers such as Memeo or McAfee Online Backup. Besides keeping files off-site in case of a disaster, the backup service also allows customers to share photographs, videos, music and documents via a personalised website.

Comcast said customers can immediately activate their free accounts and use the new online backup, which currently only works with PC computers.

Nearly 140,000 hard drives crash in the US every week. Files can also be lost other ways too, including human error, when a computer is stolen or misplaced, and from viruses. Comcast is encouraging consumers to back up and secure their digital files.