Facebook, Google favourites of mobile internet users

More than 25 per cent of the UK's population has accessed the Internet from mobile phones in Decembe

The mobile media analysis report has revealed that users want updates about their friends and even do a bit of flirting, when they are online using their mobile phones. One-fifth of the UK's mobile subscribers now use smartphones, which contributes to a rise in mobile internet use. Facebook, with 5 million unique users, is at the top of the GSMA's top 10 UK mobile internet sites list.

The social networking site has recorded nearly three times the number of page impressions as Google. Nearly half of the total minutes spent online in December were spent at Facebook Mobile. In December, 16 million people accessed the internet from their mobile phones and viewed a total of 6.7 billion pages. The websites of mobile phone operators occupied the three to five slots in the list.

The BBC's site, which stood seventh, indicated that people are reading news while on the move. The figures in the reports are based on mobile internet usage data from all five UK mobile operators, collected with consent from a representative sample of mobile users.