TellyLinks to send show links for TV-watching web surfers

Former ITV executive Jeff Henry will launch a new service for people who watch TV and surf the web a

"It is like an iPhone app for television," he said. He will launch the service tonight on Channel Five.

The company says it wants to cash in on the phenomenon known as "bellyvision", where increasing numbers of consumers surf the internet on laptops while watching TV. "This takes full advantage of two-screen entertainment," says Henry.

TellyLinks has tied up for 13 weeks with Numb3rs, the US drama that airs on Channel Five at 10 pm. Tellylinks will deliver hundreds of links relevant to the show.

Henry aims to send links for all shows between 6pm and midnight on the big main terrestrial channels.

TellyLinks claims to offer more to the viewer than they could gain by surfing websites. The service aims to make profits by selling sponsored links - one every three minutes - to advertisers based on relevant content being pushed to TellyLinks users. There will also be a localised advertising service.

Ultimately TellyLinks aims to sell major sponsorship on its website around key programming, such as Top Gear, for which it is offering live links.