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Deloitte survey: everyone likes TV

A survey throws some light on our media preferences.

In a survey of 16,768 customers in eight European countries, 98 per cent of respondents said television services are their favourite type of media.

The study, commissioned by Deloitte’s Media and Entertainment practice during December 2011, also found that 88 per cent of people who read magazine content prefer to do so in printed hardcopy, while 85 per cent further expressed concern about usage of their personal data.

In the UK, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that new media would be the platform for delivery of local television, with services launched in 20 municipalities in 2012.

The survey found that the volume of media-centric devices continued to grow strongly in 2011, and also noted that the UK consumers enjoy new devices more than their European counterparts.

In the same survey, 64 per cent of the respondents said they visited websites by seeing an advertisement on television, while only 15 per cent of respondents connected their television to the internet.

Ownership of tablet computers declined in 2011, and people above 55 plus are yet to join the smartphone revolution, the survey further revealed.

Most of the respondents in the survey want services that allow access to media anywhere and at any time. During 2011, the average UK consumer subscribed to 1.6 media services, an increase from 1.4 last year.

The survey found that streamed media services in the UK grew 30 per cent in 2011, while magazine readers still prefer print versions. Very few people prefer reading local news.