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Keeping the riots in proportion
By David Allen Green - 09 August 11:10

What these exceptional events mean, and do not mean.

Rioters, police, and sentimentality
By David Allen Green - 08 August 11:24

Unclear thinking about social disturbances.

The struggle for tabloid content
By David Allen Green - 05 August 14:19

Why private information was bought and sold.

Are the Non-Murdoch media now threatening a select committee member?
By David Allen Green - 22 July 13:47

Some concerning tweets about Louise Mensch MP.

Allowing the lawyers to speak
By David Allen Green - 21 July 18:47

What the News International authorisation may and may not mean.

Mulcaire and confidentiality
By David Allen Green - 20 July 16:09

What impact will the withdraw of litigation funding have?

The idiocy of Jonathan May-Bowles
By David Allen Green - 20 July 11:29

There will be yet more "security" at the House of Commons.

Asking questions of Rebekah
By David Allen Green - 18 July 13:37

What can and cannot be said.

Tom Crone is gone
By David Allen Green - 13 July 18:30

An unexpected event in the News International crisis.

A Reuters writer gets the law wrong on News of the World
By David Allen Green - 08 July 19:26

A misleading item on a major news site.

Closing the News of the World makes no legal difference
By David Allen Green - 07 July 19:43

All the court cases and the police investigation will continue as before.

Tabloids and the abuse of power
By David Allen Green - 07 July 14:53

Why there should be a full judicial inquiry into phone hacking.

Sharing a lift with Richard Dawkins
By David Allen Green - 06 July 16:42

The rationalist champion compares propositioning a woman with chewing gum.

The bullies, bullied
By David Allen Green - 06 July 9:59

News International is today the victim of events, not the master.

Reading what Rebekah Brooks says
By David Allen Green - 05 July 17:18

What today's statement says and does not say.

How widespread was phone hacking in high-profile investigations?
By David Allen Green - 04 July 22:04

When ex-News of the World journalist Paul McMullan discussed the Milly Dowler case with Hugh Grant.

The hacking of Milly Dowler's voicemails
By David Allen Green - 04 July 18:17

The <em>Guardian</em> allegations make the phone-hacking investigation even more serious.

Johann Hari and media standards
By David Allen Green - 29 June 13:28

Why consistency matters.

Alex Salmond's missing speech
By David Allen Green - 27 June 15:14

What has happened to his 2008 "Scotland will be a Celtic Lion" speech?

Cross-examination on trial and the murder of Milly Dowler
By David Allen Green - 24 June 13:07

What can be done to protect the dignity and privacy of witnesses?

Legal aid and civil justice
By David Allen Green - 23 June 12:24

Effective access to the courts is being threatened.

Dyfed Powys Police fail to justify the council meeting arrest and detention
By David Allen Green - 15 June 17:14

There is still no good explanation for the arrest and detention of Jacqui Thompson.

Arrested for filming a public council meeting
By David Allen Green - 13 June 18:42

Have Carmarthenshire Council and Dyfed Powys Police acted illiberally?

Grayling's Folly is falling down
By David Allen Green - 07 June 14:35

The real reason to oppose the New College of the Humanities.

Why are we arming the British Transport Police?
By David Allen Green - 03 June 17:07

No good reasons or good evidence have been disclosed.

Is it the Sun what lost it?
By David Allen Green - 25 May 15:56

An alternative view on the Giggs injunction.

The third paragraph of Mr Justice Tugendhat
By David Allen Green - 24 May 17:01

A curious judicial statement on privacy law.

The legal consequences of Mr Giggs
By David Allen Green - 24 May 11:43

Is there now any point to privacy law?

The weekend Twitter mocked the English Courts
By David Allen Green - 23 May 10:37

What will be the effects of the CTB case?