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The reputation of Sally Morgan
By David Allen Green - 07 December 16:57

Will a famous TV Psychic now take on the <em>Daily Mail</em>?

A lesson of history about libel
By David Allen Green - 06 December 16:49

The legal threat of Niall Ferguson.

What do you do when an entire system fails?
By David Allen Green - 05 December 14:10

The Leveson inquiry is revealing a problem for which there may not be a solution.

Why Unison is wrong to seek the sacking and arrest of Jeremy Clarkson
By David Allen Green - 01 December 14:34

The public sector trade union scores a spectacular PR own goal.

Paul McMullan and the denial of privacy
By David Allen Green - 30 November 16:36

Why privacy is not just for "paedos".

For the Leveson inquiry and free expression
By David Allen Green - 25 November 12:38

How the media ethics inquiry is circumventing the chilling power of the tabloids.

Trying to evict OccupyLSX
By David Allen Green - 23 November 10:30

The court battle begins to clear St Paul’s Churchyard.

“Show us the baby”
By David Allen Green - 18 November 17:33

The Court orders that a new and frightened young mother be left in peace.

The myth of privacy law
By David Allen Green - 15 November 16:24

Bloggers give evidence to Parliament.

Gordon Taylor is not a royal princess
By David Allen Green - 10 November 15:58

A key question at today’s select committee hearing.

Whatever happened to libel reform?
By David Allen Green - 09 November 16:54

The need for changing libel law remains urgent.

Should we ban “banning” things?
By David Allen Green - 08 November 16:31

The political addiction to mere prohibitions.

Assange loses extradition appeal
By David Allen Green - 02 November 10:17

High Court upholds European Arrest Warrant for rape, sexual molestation, and unlawful coercion.

The protesters and the corporation
By David Allen Green - 28 October 12:32

The focus now shifts to how the City of London is governed.

Closing the doors at St Paul's Cathedral
By David Allen Green - 26 October 14:00

How seriously is the Cathedral taking health and safety concerns?

On parliamentary sovereignty
By David Allen Green - 25 October 11:41

111 Members of Parliament vote to take matters out of their own hands.

They are using Tasers at Dale Farm
By David Allen Green - 19 October 14:06

Why it is right to be critical of the police.

Theresa May gets it wrong about a cat
By David Allen Green - 04 October 15:14

The Home Secretary's conference speech shows she does not know what her own department is doing.

Nadarkhani: The Iranian Embassy makes a statement
By David Allen Green - 30 September 18:47

Iranian Court of Appeal still to issue final verdict.

To Hang an Apostate
By David Allen Green - 29 September 12:48

Yousef Nadarkhani sentenced to die for changing his religion.

The trial and punishment of Yousef Nadarkhani
By David Allen Green - 28 September 16:19

Is a man to be executed for "apostasy"?

Photography and Contempt of Court
By David Allen Green - 27 September 16:22

The real story of the case of Paul Thompson.

The fourth attempt by the State of Georgia to execute Troy Davis
By David Allen Green - 21 September 18:49

There is international concern at today’s planned execution.

The tale of Mr Hari and Dr Rose
By David Allen Green - 15 September 12:32

A false and malicious identity is admitted.

High Court Date for “Twitter Joke Trial”
By David Allen Green - 08 September 19:02

The appeal will be on 10 November 2011.

The real hacking scandal
By David Allen Green - 06 September 17:35

Today's select committee hearing in perspective.

The story of Mr Goodman and Mr Justice Gross
By David Allen Green - 05 September 12:51

When did News International have firm independent evidence of wider participation in phone hacking?

Mulcaire suing News Corporation
By David Allen Green - 18 August 18:30

Detail still unclear as to what the claim is for.

Don’t Panic
By David Allen Green - 11 August 13:09

The riots and the rule of law.

Reporting on a riot that didn’t happen
By David Allen Green - 10 August 11:30

When does a lack of a riot need an explanation?