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Royal Courts of Justice
The "Twitter Joke Trial" returns to the High Court
By David Allen Green - 22 June 15:59

Lord Chief Justice to preside over latest appeal in Chambers v Director of Public Prosecutions

The desperation of Julian Assange
By David Allen Green - 19 June 22:38

Complainants of rape and sexual assault have rights too.

The Spectator and the jury
The Spectator and the jury
By David Allen Green - 07 June 16:27

A clear breach of the law does not mean that the law was right to begin with.

Ken Clarke on Jeremy Hunt and Baroness Warsi
Of lynch-mobs and witch-hunts
By David Allen Green - 06 June 11:50

How powerful people see opposition.

New Statesman
Paul Chambers appeal on 27 June 2012
By David Allen Green - 01 June 13:50

The TwitterJokeTrial appeal may be heard by Britain’s most senior judge.

New Statesman
Assange and the Supreme Court decision
By David Allen Green - 30 May 15:51

The extradition of an alleged rapist comes another step nearer

The High Court is unable to agree on Twitter Joke Trial appeal
The High Court is unable to agree on Twitter Joke Trial appeal
By David Allen Green - 28 May 11:33

A fresh appeal hearing is ordered before three appeal judges as the case goes on.

New Statesman
What did Piers Morgan tell Jeremy Paxman about phone hacking?
By David Allen Green - 23 May 15:52

The Leveson Inquiry hears of an interesting conversation.

New Statesman
Hunt and News International: a market abuse angle
By David Allen Green - 25 April 14:58

Was there a wrongful disclosure of price sensitive information?

To Kill A Mockingbird
Atticus Finch is not enough
By David Allen Green - 19 April 14:41

Why the “great lawyer” theory of justice is misleading.

The Times and NightJack: an anatomy of a failure
By David Allen Green - 12 April 12:19

The story of how, in a string of managerial and legal lapses, the <em>Times</em> hacked NightJack and effectively misled the High Court

Times editor James Harding arrives at the Leveson Inquiry in January.
Lessons from Leveson
By David Allen Green - 04 April 7:56

Ignorance is no excuse.

Did the News of the World seek to undermine a murder investigation?
By David Allen Green - 29 February 15:50

The significant allegation of Jacqui Hames at the Leveson inquiry.

A racket at News International?
By David Allen Green - 27 February 12:56

The second module of the Leveson inquiry has an explosive start.

An Open Letter to the St Paul’s Protesters
By David Allen Green - 24 February 17:39

What is the significance so far of "Occupy LSX"?

What do you do with a vile advertisement?
By David Allen Green - 23 February 18:02

Commercial freedom, trans issues, and the struggle for respect.

Civil disobedience and the Rule of Law
By David Allen Green - 22 February 15:28

Why breaking the law should not be the first resort.

A witch-hunt against the Sun?
By David Allen Green - 13 February 12:23

Why those at the tabloid should be more concerned with News International than the police.

NightJack blogger to sue the Times
By David Allen Green - 09 February 13:39

Richard Horton has instructed solicitor Mark Lewis.

Must read posts on the Twitter Joke Trial appeal
By David Allen Green - 07 February 17:23

Your brief guide to the High Court case.

How to think about social media
By David Allen Green - 31 January 15:59

Why social media is part of the solution not part of the problem.

Why the Times should apologise over NightJack
By David Allen Green - 22 January 21:02

The emerging questions over the hacking of a blogger's email account.

Why the hacking of NightJack matters
By David Allen Green - 20 January 16:01

The <em>Times</em> finally admits that a blogger's email account was hacked.

What did the Times know about computer hacking and when?
By David Allen Green - 18 January 15:01

The Guardian disclosure raises serious questions about the 2009 NightJack case.

The Times admission about computer hacking
By David Allen Green - 17 January 15:52

But were the results of computer hacking used in any published story?

Obscenity victory
By David Allen Green - 06 January 13:20

An illiberal and misconceived prosecution fails at Southwark Crown Court.

Fisting on trial
By David Allen Green - 05 January 10:58

The obscenity case continues against Michael Peacock.

The ones that got away
By David Allen Green - 04 January 16:03

What about the gang members not convicted of the murder of Stephen Lawrence?

2011: a year of unintended consequences
By David Allen Green - 21 December 15:56

From OccupyLSX to Leveson, the British political system is not working well.