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The Royal parks
What the Royal Parks is doing to a charity softball league should matter to us all
By David Allen Green - 08 August 14:32

We live in a country where charity workers can be threatened with the police by a private company for playing softball in a public park.

Alan Turing's statue. Flickr/ell-r-brown, licensed under Creative Commons
Putting right the wrong done to Alan Turing
By David Allen Green - 29 July 13:19

Why there may be a better alternative to a “statutory pardon” for the Enigma code breaker, who was prosecuted over his homosexuality in 1952.

Daniel Morgan
Will there finally be justice for Daniel Morgan?
By David Allen Green - 10 May 13:53

A judge-led inquiry may uncover extensive police and media corruption over 25 years.

How the Ministry of Justice’s proposal for the tendering of criminal legal aid is misconceived and illiberal
By David Allen Green - 23 April 16:53

This is a flawed proposal which will have highly damaging effects.

Should companies be able to sue for libel?
By David Allen Green - 18 April 15:21

Why there should be limits on the rights of “legal persons”.

Three things we have learned from the Huhne and Pryce Trial
By David Allen Green - 11 March 17:51

What is significant about these two convictions for perverting the course of justice, asks David Allen Green.

The Defamation Bill does not need this "Leveson amendment"
By David Allen Green - 05 March 14:52

A proposal to enact Lord Justice Leveson's media regulation recommendations has been tacked on to the Defamation Bill, threatening to scupper years of work by libel reform campaigners. It is bad law, and should be dropped.

What Pryce justice?
By David Allen Green - 21 February 15:23

The real value of juries.

Should public authorities be able to sue for libel?
By David Allen Green - 10 January 11:51

The remarkable legal advice given to Rutland County Council suggests that councils can now sue - and threaten to sue - for libel. We should worry about the potential "chilling effect" of this.

How the UK Border Agency nearly blew Robin Hood Airport "sky high"
By David Allen Green - 20 December 13:50

A calamity at the "Twitter Joke Trial" airport of which you will not have heard

Armed police at Downing Street - but are they obstructing the highway?
What powers do the Downing Street police actually have?
By David Allen Green - 19 December 13:17

The law behind the “Plebgate” row.

What to look out for in the Leveson report
By David Allen Green - 29 November 11:33

From governance to sourcing, David Allen Green outlines five key issues in the report into press practice and ethics.

The mob during a revolutionary uprising against the Habsburg Austrian Empire
Social media in perspective
By David Allen Green - 22 November 12:30

Why there are grounds for optimism.

Why did it take ten years to block the extradition of Gary McKinnon?
By David Allen Green - 16 October 11:03

What you believe about the McKinnon extradition case is probably false

Why the European Union does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize
By David Allen Green - 12 October 11:57

Others deserve credit for "60 years of peace" in Europe

“Statutory” is not a bogey word
By David Allen Green - 11 October 13:32

Why statutory regulation of the press is itself neither a good nor a bad thing.

Nightjack's blog.
The Times settles Nightjack claim for £42,500 plus costs
By David Allen Green - 08 October 9:30

Why there should now be a "Nightjack" test for proposals for press regulation.

Daniel Morgan.
The death of Daniel Morgan
By David Allen Green - 03 October 14:26

Why, after five police investigations into Daniel Morgan's death, there must now be a judicial inquiry

Nightjack: former Times lawyer interviewed under caution
By David Allen Green - 20 September 21:45

Officers from Operation Tuleta interview Alastair Brett

Judge Peter Bowers
The courage of Judge Peter Bowers
By David Allen Green - 07 September 12:25

Those sentencing remarks in context.

The legal mythology of the extradition of Julian Assange
By David Allen Green - 03 September 10:34

Why the “zombie facts” of Assange supporters are wrong.

The Nightjack blog.
Nightjack: an arrest is made
By David Allen Green - 29 August 16:33

Officers from Operation Tuleta arrest Patrick Foster.

Legal myths about the Assange extradition
By David Allen Green - 20 August 13:49

A brief critical and source-based guide to some common misconceptions.

Metropolitan Police Officers not storming the Ecuadorian embassy
Will the Ecuadorian embassy be stormed?
By David Allen Green - 16 August 10:34

Litigation, and not broken glass, is the more likely consequence.

The shameful and nasty prosecution of Simon Walsh
By David Allen Green - 08 August 16:02

A jury unanimously acquits in the latest “extreme pornography” case.

An "extreme" prosecution?
By David Allen Green - 07 August 13:51

The offence in the infamous “Tiger porn” case is being used again

Royal Courts of Justice.
High Court to give "Twitter Joke Trial" appeal verdict
By David Allen Green - 26 July 16:58

Lord Chief Justice to hand down judgment today

Selling surveillance equipment to vile regimes
By David Allen Green - 23 July 16:21

The UK government now faces a legal challenge.

A police thug and an unlawful killing
By David Allen Green - 19 July 17:31

Simon Harwood has been acquitted of manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson but questions remain, says David Allen Green.

A round-up of retired graffiti artists for the London Olympics?
By David Allen Green - 18 July 14:35

Allegations of widespread arrests denied by the British Transport Police but "Olympics" bail conditions imposed