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Inauguration 2.0

With so much user-generated coverage on offer, it's tempting to overlook entirely the more official

It's fitting that the most connected election campaign in history should end with the most connected inauguration possible. With the ceremony awkwardly straddling work hours for a lot of people in the UK, you'll be pleased to learn that even if you can't get in front of a television there are ample other means for you to be kept up to date from your desk.

No web 2.0 inauguration would be complete without a Twitter stream. For those who enjoy their coverage in a burst of no more than 140 characters, the service is likely to be tested to breaking point (and quite possibly beyond it) with the frantic posting of jubilant commentators. Things are already rolling on the #inauguration search tag and the official #inaug09, so be sure to refresh those pages *very* regularly to keep on top of the fragmented micro-coverage. are also aggregating twitter feeds with the #current tag into its live video coverage over at their event site with another video / social-networking mashup being served by CNN and Facebook.

Photographic record is also well catered for with the group photo-pool established over at Flickr.

Over 1500 photographers (so far) are primed and ready to point their lens at history, before rapidly uploading it for your viewing pleasure.

Being experienced web-users, you feel more at home with your video of a slightly lower-quality. The occasionally brilliant live-video streaming service Qik, which allows users to broadcast live content from their mobile phones, has established a group page which will be hosting live coverage from shaky-cam citizens.

(Note the disclaimer on the Qik page identifying them as suppliers of user-generated comment to the BBC, amongst others...)

With so much user-generated coverage on offer, it's tempting to overlook entirely the more official broadcasts. Of course, it's possible that you might prefer your coverage to be un-filtered by a citizen, in which case the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies will be streaming the whole ceremony, live and close-captioned from their site.

Enjoy the show(s)...

Iain Simons writes, talks and tweets about videogames and technology. His new book, Play Britannia, is to be published in 2009. He is the director of the GameCity festival at Nottingham Trent University.