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Grant Morrison's Zenith returning to print in December

Lost classic being reprinted in a limited run of 1000 copies.

A panel from Zenith. Image: Steve Yeowell/Rebellion

A little piece of good news for you today: Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell's lost classic, Zenith, is to be reprinted in a limited run of a thousand copies, published this December. The hardback will have the entirety of the series between its £100 covers, which is either pretty expensive if you're not used to picking up limited edition hardcovers of comic series, or pretty cheap if you've been trying to read the series through overpriced eBay purchases.

Here's what I wrote on the series earlier this month, when rumours of the reprint made it my way:

Zenith, Grant Morrison's first major work, co-created with Brendan McCarthy and Steve Yeowell, is a distinctly un-heroic superhero. Exploring ideas of generational inheritance, fame, and iconography, it has been out of print for the more prosaic reason that no-one has been able to sort out who owns it. Rebellion, publishers of 2000 AD, where the character originally appear, claim it's them, Morrison that it's him.

Rebellion confirm that "both Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell have been informed of the exciting plans for The Complete Zenith", which implies that the legal issues have been sorted out, at least to the extent that this limited edition can get off the ground. It's great to see a hugely important work from a golden age of British comics finally get the publication it deserves.

Now, how about sorting out Miracleman?

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