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A (gay) kiss is just a kiss
By Yo Zushi - 25 November 16:59

The self-appointed guardians of media "decency" go after Adam Lambert

Everyone's gone green
By James Burgess - 24 November 11:34

Slavoj Žižek on the dangers of ecological utopianism

Frank Auerbach and the tormented surfaces of postwar London
By Anna Maria Di Brina - 24 November 0:00

There are echoes of Rembrandt in these paintings of building sites

Artist anonymous
By Sam Kinchin-Smith - 23 November 15:49

Nick Cave, soundtrack-maker

A rouger shade of Palin
By Thomas Calvocoressi - 20 November 11:35

Those who seek to satirise Sarah, we salute you!

The responsibilities of the intellectual
By Anna Maria Di Brina - 18 November 15:39

Roberto Saviano’s letter to Berlusconi

Native spirit
By Anonymous - 18 November 11:30

A season of films celebrates the struggles of indigenous peoples

The man who knew too much
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 17 November 16:51

Diaries of the man who reported on Stalin's "terror famine" made public

Jailhouse rock
By Patrick Sawer - 17 November 15:56

Billy Bragg's charity takes an unusual approach to prisoner rehabilitation

Would Socrates have got research funding?
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 16 November 11:46

The perils of "measurable output"

The impact of "impact"
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 16 November 9:44

Stefan Collini on why academics shouldn't have to be salesmen

The illusion of a world without borders
By Simon Reid-Henry - 10 November 16:57

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the discourse of security has replaced dreams of dem

Chinese whispers
By Daniel Trilling - 10 November 10:28

Xiaolu Guo on the voices of a changing country

Michael Moore: Q+A
By Daniel Trilling - 08 November 9:11

The documentary-maker on capitalism, Obama and why Britain is about to get punished

Shlomo Sand in conversation with the New Statesman
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 06 November 15:48

The Invention of the Jewish People

Science as a "political act"
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 06 November 10:26

Pierre Bourdieu on Claude Lévi-Strauss

Gay rights and "cultural relativism"
By Petra Davis - 05 November 18:24

A response to Peter Tatchell

Universal soldiers
By Sam Kinchin-Smith - 05 November 17:47

Asterix and Obelix, 50 years on

A life less ordinary
By Nesrine Malik - 05 November 11:24

Why modern film-makers should not be afraid of tackling Islam

Martin Scorsese drops in
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 31 October 17:29

Doha diary, part 2

Not the Croisette, the Corniche
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 30 October 0:11

Doha Tribeca Film Festival

LFF #9 -- A Serious Man
By Daniel Trilling - 28 October 12:51

From the London Film Festival: the Coen brothers are back

Spitting images
By Sam Kinchin-Smith - 28 October 10:30

Welcome to South Park

LFF #8 -- Behind the Rainbow
By Daniel Trilling - 27 October 16:30

From the London Film Festival: a brilliant investigation of South Africa since apartheid

Racism and the tabloids
By Daniel Trilling - 26 October 16:54

The hypocrisy of Question Time outrage

Chimes of freedom
By John Sunyer - 23 October 17:07

Musicians put pressure on Obama

Art and the Olympics
By John Sunyer - 22 October 19:04

Commissions for the Cultural Olympiad are unveiled

End of an era?
By Dany Louise - 22 October 18:32

Despite the economic downturn, money still dominated the conversations at last week's Frieze Art Fai